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Property Management


                                       Properties We Manage:

  1. *Single Family Homes          *Apt Buildings (2-25 units)          *College Student Housing
  2. *Apt Communities (25+ units)          *REO's          *Estate Sales          *Foreclosures
  3. *Condominiums and Home Owner Assoc.'s          *Comm. Properties (Office/Retail/Industrial)

                                       Management Services:

  1. *Tenant selection, leasing and relations            *Repairs, maintenance & improvements
  2. *On-site and off-site management options         *Monthly financial & narrative mgt. reports
  3. *Move in - Move out inspections                        *All advertising and marketing
  4. *Bidding process for capital improvements        *Professional handling of rents & deposits
  5. *Direct deposit into an owner's account             *24 Hours, 7 day a week contact numbers
  6. *Landlord-Tenant actions and evictions             *Routine property Inspections                                       
  7. *Direct contact with all staff                                *All expenses documented                                 


                                       Receivership Services

Advanced Realty Services offers a fully integrated platform of real estate services designed to address various stages of asset distress. ARS provides assistance to lenders, special servicers and investors who are struggling with non-performing loans and under-performing ownership interests. ARS and its affiliates have the qualifications and resources necessary to develop and implement comprehensive asset management plans for a wide variety of property types. With a focus on asset
stabilization and value creation, ARS offers the following services:


                                       *Court Appointed Receiver

                                       *REO Property Management and Leasing

                                       *Investment Restructuring Strategies

                                       *Broker Opinions of Value

                                       *Construction Management and Development Consulting

                                       *Property Repositioning and/or Redevelopment

                                       *Asset Disposition


ARS's multi-faceted platform provides the flexibility to adapt to its clients' evolving needs. Distressed assets come in many forms and each requires a unique approach. ARS works closely with its clients to quickly assess and prioritize the challenges facing an asset and to develop a strategic plan to address them in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our team of asset management, development, leasing, and investment sales professionals is well prepared to successfully reposition distressed properties.